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  1. We produce live events, concerts, filming, pre-production, production and post production projects.  Our staff are dedicated and professionally trained in the use and operation of all entertainment equipment which includes audio/sound engineering, film and video production, cinematography, editing, scriptwriting, computer/data networking, stage lighting, various staging, production designing of the scene sets to shoot, and music videos, also wardrobe, makeup, and costume.


  3. In our entertainment department, we rent, lease, manage and operate all entertainment / audio visual equipment for all meetings, seminars, conferences, trade shows, fashion events, conventions, teleconferencing, and video-conferencing venues, huge and mini, live musical concerts.  Savior Film's management and staff of engineers will supervise all setup, operation, and striking of all equipment.


  5. They will also, manage  and produce all high profile events and hiring labor, as well as overseeing and managing the company’s budget, Summary Reports, P & L reports, and day to day operations of the business.

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